Enterprises andindividualsalike, increasinglyrun their daily operation in almost totally digital and paperless working environments.
Trusted electronic safe keeping services enable the management of the life cycle of electronic documents, provide legal validity and advanced security in electronic transactions, as qualified trust service providers are regulated and audited by official supervisory bodies.

TÜRKKEP is a qualified electronic archiving and safe keeping services provider authorised and audited by ICTA TurkeyandtheTurkish Ministry of Finance, Revenue Administration. We provide trusted stand-alone e-archiving services as well as services complementary too urregistered delivery and e-invoicing services.

We safe keep all types of electronic documents, in accordance with various specifications and compliance frame works, based on international security standards. Our e-archiving services are provided with in our own private data centers in Turkey as mandated by the related Turkish legislation.
We employ identity management, qualified electronic signature sand electronic timestamping methods as per related standards and regulations to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the files archived over time.

Our Electronic Archiving Offering

E-Arşiv Fatura

  • E-Arşiv Fatura

    Our E-Archiving portfolio includes,

    • Business and legal documents,
    • E-invoices
    • E-waybills
    • E-Ledger records
    • Registered e-mail messages and evidence
    • Legal nofitication messages