The EU eIDAS regulation specifies three types of Electronic Signatures: Standard, Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature. Qualified Signatures have the highest identity proofing requirements and are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

Electronic Signaturesare recognized by law in Turkey since 2004, basedon ‘The Electronic Signature Law’ No. 5070.

Qualified Electronic Signatures created using compliant ‘signature creation devices’ and Qualified Electronic Certificates based on international standards (X.509 PKI,  RFC 5280,related ETSI standards) and on the related Turkish regulations, constitute an important cornerstone in Turkey’s digital transformation process and landscape.

Electronic Signatures are currently used in a wide range of business and legal settings in Turkey, including the financial, banking, insurance and health sectors, in legal notification and official correspondence and among public and private entities.

In collaboration with trusted local Certificate and TimeStamping Authorities (CAs and TSAs), TÜRKKEP is the leading provider of end-to-end Electronic Signature services and solutions including Qualified Electronic Certificates,Qualified Electronic Signature applications and enterprise solutions in the Turkish market.

Our Electronic Signature Offering

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    Our Electronic Signature portfolio includes,

    • Qualified Electronic Certificates
    • Secure signature services
    • Signature applications for enterprise settings
    • Custom signature solutions and integration services